After School Programs

WindRose Junior Golf Academy

At the WindRose Junior Golf Academy, we are passionate about giving the best instruction and club fitting. No matter the skill level, we have options for your junior that will lead to long-term player development and a love for a game they can play forever.
Shelby Thibodeaux, 
                                               Director of Junior Golf         



 This year's instruction will follow the U.S. Kids Golf Player Pathway consisting of 10 Levels. As players advance from level to level, new forms are learned, skills improve and achievements are earned.

Completion of Levels 1-5 establishes the basic fundamentals to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment and knowledge of the game. Advancing through Levels 6-10 provides the skills to successfully compete in tournament play.
In each level, there are five checkpoints in which achievement pins may be earned: Putting, Short Game(Chipping&Pitching), Full Swing, Etiquette and Rules.



For 2022, WindRose After-School Program will consist of (four) five-week semesters. You have the choice to practice two or three times each week. Students will transtion between different stations covering all parts of the game: Full Swing, Short Game (Chipping & Pitching), Putting and Knowledge (Rules & Etiquette). Each station will cover the fundamentals and dive more into intermediate-advanced material as they move up the USKG Pathway Program (see US Kids Golf Section for more information). Following each semester, WindRose will have a tournament for $15 which includes cart, subject to availability. The purpose of these tournaments will be to showcase progress as well as ensure they are getting the on-course experience they need to grow their game. These tournaments will also be a chance for each player to earn their USKG Scoring Pin. Juniors will play three, six, or nine holes based on their USKG level.

The tournament format will be individual stroke play and caddies will be allowed under set guidelines. 

Jr. Academy Registration

Hi Parents,

Our second semester of the 2022 After-School Program dates April 25 - May 27 (Tournament May 28, 2022). All scheduling will be done through our scheduling app. Classes are flexible and you are able to move your practice days when needed within 1 hour of your scheduled practice. Credits do not carry over each semester. Classes are a (6:1) Student:Coach. 

1 Credit = 1 Practice
10 Credits: $200.00
15 Credits: $250.00

Tournament: $15.00 (Includes Cart Upon Availability)
Please cancel before 24 hours to avoid being charged if you can't make it. No call no show will be charged $15. Please arrive one hour before your tee time to warm up and reserve cart (upon availability). Parents are strongly encouraged to attend. Groups will be called out individually on the loud speaker to report to #1 tee as everyone is warming up.

Tournament Results
Advanced Class Top 3:
Natasha 38
Renner 39
Stella 40

Level 5 ( Needs two scores of 51< to earn pin):
Colin- Passed
Shaunak- Passed
McKinley- 1/2
Jaxson- 1/2
Dylan H.- 1/2
Emerson- 1/2

Level 4 ( Needs one scores of 514< to earn pin):
Aalia- Passed
Megan- Passed
Alec- Passed
Gabriel B.- Passed
Brady M.- Passed
Aiden M- Passed
Luke W- Passed
Hunter- Passed
Matteo- Passed
Rush- Passed
Trenton- Passed

Level 3 (Needs to score 6< from 150yards three times to earn pin:
Griffin- Passed
Brayden S.- Passed
Talon- Passed
Khloe- Passed
Emir- Passed
Alyssa- Passed

Level 2 (Needs to score 6< from 100yards three times to earn pin):
Christian M- Passed
Jayden- Passed
Carson C.- Passed
Landon B.- Passed
Kylie- Passed
Sebastian Duran- Passed
Katelyn W- Passed
Adrienne- Passed
Presley- 2/3

Level 1 (Needs to score 6< from 50yards three times to earn pin):
Axel D.- Passed
Axel C.- Passed
Lowen- Passed
Leah- Passed
Mason M.- Passed
Eden- Passed
Macario- 2/3
Connor- 2/3

Thank you so much parents for all of your support! 


*Registration Opens April 15, 2022*

Semester 2:
April 25 - May 27 2022
(Tournament May 28, 2022)

Ages 6-9 Levels 1-3: M-F 5:00-6:00PM

Ages 10-14 Lvls 1-3: M-F 6:30-7:30PM

Ages 6-14 Lvls 4&5: M,W,F from 6:30-7:30PM

Ages 7-14 Lvls 6-10 Advanced Tournament Prep: Thurs 5:30-7:30PM

How to register:

1) Email Coach Shelby at to request contract. 

2) After the contract has been sent, you will be emailed instructions on how to setup your junior(s) profile.

3) Once your completed contract has been received, your credits will be added and you can begin scheduling.

For more info, email Shelby Thibodeaux at or call (409)790-2472